How do I download the files You can download your files our website 
Go to ‘Accounts’, this can be found under ‘download’ in the list 
Then select your purchase, and click on the download link.

Do you provide printing, framing and shipping service
No, unfortunately we do not provide printing and shipping at the moment.

Can I feature a inspir life posters on my blog/site?
Yes please and thank you! You’re very welcome to use our posters from our site or blog with a credit and link to the source project page without asking for permission.
Please credit us a ‘inspir life’ & always link to ‘ or the project page.
Do not link directly to or host our pdf files on your blog/site/social media.
Do not feature our step-by-step tutorial images or use our text.
If you need high-res images for a magazine feature, just contact us!

If I have borders on my poster, what's the best way to remove them?
Paper strimmers would be best, but your average pair of kitchen scissors work fine. A big poster only takes twenty minutes or so to clip.

My poster is quite pixelated
You have printed with the wrong file size or resolution. Please use the correct size and resolution for best print.

Which file types should I use?
A pdf file allows for scaling up and down as it is vector based. This means it is the perfect file type to use if you want to print something larger. A jpg file is bitmap based, meaning it will look block if you scale it up too large. Although jpg files allow for more flexible viewing on computers.

- If you are planning to scale the design up or down for printing
- If you have a pdf reader on your computer

- If the design includes a photo element
- If you are unsure if you have a pdf reader

- Send them both files, so they can use the correct one to suit your requirements

What sort of paper is best to use?
- Use stock that is at least 200gsm for better, longer lasting results
- Use a glossy stock for colourful and bold prints
- Use a matte stock for minimalist style prints
- Also use matte stock for a timeless feel 
- Print results will vary depending on the stock and printer used
- Try a heavy card stock for longer lasting results 
- Use a matte stock to avoid the glare you would get from a glossy stock
- Although if you want some added shine, then gloss is the way to go!
- Try a heavy card stock for longer lasting results

What is the best way to assemble the poster?
We like to assemble the poster on a flat surface, face down and use masking tape to stick pages together. This way you have a full poster that you can move around and position.

Do you provide alteration?
We provide minor size adjustment. Do email us at